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A. Duration of the match. – 15 min for Youth League and 20 minutes for Adults
A two minutes half-time period will occur between halves.
Time outs. – Teams are entitled to a one-minute time-out in each period. A team that does not request a time-out in the first half of the match is only entitled to one time-out during the second half.

B. Number of players. – A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. Co-ed consists of 3 guys and 2 girls on the field. A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than three players (one of which being the opposite gender). Girl must always play the ball in co-ed. If team only has 1 girl guy may play the ball. The match is abandoned if one of the teams has fewer than three players on the pitch. A team may choose to sub a girl in for a guy, no more than 3 girls may be on the field and no more than 3 guys may be on the field.

C. Uniforms. – All players must be uniformed. Uniform (shirt and shorts) must be the same color or similar. We have different options where you can buy from $25 dollars a full uniform. Call/Text (209) 233-4809 for more info. No jewlery allowed on players. No hooded sweaters allowed, must have shirt over if you decide to wear a sweater or jacket with hood.

D. Slide Tackles. – No slide tackes allowed

E. There are not off sides in Futsal

F. Goalkeeper - Releases the ball cannot touches for second time, not even when the ball cross the half line. Only can touch it when the ball touch an opponent or is a restart.
GK after half line have no limitations.
Has only four seconds in which to play the ball, with either their hands or feet, and may not touch it again if it has been deliberately played to them by a team-mate without an opponent playing or touching it.

Goalkeepers are free to play anywhere on the pitch and throw the ball beyond the halfway line.
Must wear a different color Jersey than outfield players in his/her team and the opposite team players.
Restarts (4 second for all restarts)

G. Kick-off. – are indirect. Whistle must sound to restart after goal. Tapped balls are not in play, the ball must move forward.
H. Kick in. – are direct. The ball can be on the line or one feet behind. Ball neither the feet can’t be inside the pitch. All the defenders players must be 2 meters from the ball. Delay the restart can be penalized with a blue card (2 min out).

I. Corner Kicks. – Are direct. The ball must be place directly on the corner spot marked with 2 lines and kick must be taken within 4 seconds.

J. Penalty Kick. – Goalkeeper must stay in the line until the ball is kicked.

k. Substitutions and sent off
A substitute may not enter the pitch until the player leaving the pitch is at the touchline in the substitution zone. Any substitute who enters the court of play before the player being replaced has completely left the court of play will be shown a blue card (2 min out). Substitutions may be made at any time, whether the ball is in play or not, but only in the specially demarcated substitution zones. The same rule apply for the Goalkeeper.

l. cards

Blue Card- The player is sent off for 2 min or until the other team scores, whichever comes first. The player who commits the fifth foul will recieve a blue card and every foul after the fifth foul will be a penalty kick. The fouls will clear after the first have

Yellow Card- If you receive a second blue card you will be shown a yellow card and you will be out for 4 minutes. If the other team scores, somebody else on your team may go in excpet the player with the yellow card.

Yellow card- If you recieve a straight yellow card, then you must stay out of the game for 4 minutes even if the other team scores you must play down a player for the 4 minutes.

Red Card- If you recieve a third blue card you will be shown a red card and you will be out for the rest of the game. If you get a straight red card then you will be ejected from the game and depending on the severity of the situation you may be asked to leave the property. The referee will make a report and the owner will decide how many games the suspension will be.

m. Accumulated fouls- If the team commits 5 fouls in one half the player who committed the 5th foul will be sent out with a blue card (2 min). Any foul after that will be a direct shot to the goal with no wall. Once the half is over the fouls are cleared.

n. Suspensions- Suspensions may be carried over to the new season if the player gets suspended for multiple games. The player must sign up and follow the registration rules until he or she finishes the amount of games they are suspended for. (must pay without playing to count as a game)

o. No show- Teams have 5 minutes to be ready on the field with shoes, shingaurds, matching uniforms, and bracelets. If the team does not show up the other team must have atleast 3 players signed up with a bracelet in order to win the game. If the team informs the staff they are not going to show up ahead of time then the other team automatically wins 3-0 and counts as a game played to whoever is on the roster. Every team has a right to risk there points and wait for the other team as long as they wish and play the remaining of the time thats left, if done so they must notify the referee before the five minutes or the ref will automatically forefit the game.

p. Registration. – The teams have until game 6 to register new players. The player must play atleast 3 games AND have the registration fee paid off in order to play in the play offs.


q. No participant is allowed to be rostered on more than one team in the same mens or girls league. Only men 35 & over can play in multiple mens leagues in the same season.

r. Any team caught using a non rostered player or passing one by another may be fined and will have all games player plays in forfeited. May be expelled from the league indefinitely.

s. None of the players will be allowed to play without showing up its current team’s ID Card. If is not showed up by any reason (e.g. loss, forgetfulness, etc.) the player has two options, not to play until find it or get a replacement. Applies a $5 dlls. fee for any new replacement.

t. Players are responsible for their IDs. After each game should pick up their IDs back at the front desk. Players are responsible to make sure their payments are credited appropriately.

u. If the referee or any staff member catches to anybody playing without bracelet, all goals scored while he or she was playing will be annulled. Any player caught playing with a bracelet from a passed game and is proven he or she didn’t check in at the front desk will be punished with one game by its abuse.

v. No kids allowed inside the bench area during a game. Neither any adult besides coach and players. (Except Media Staff authorized by the administration).

w. Any claim or comment must be done by the team’s coach or person in charge in a appropriate way and in written.


x. Teams must provide their own soccer ball for the game all time.

y. Any player who hasn’t paid in full its registration fee before the eight game is over, losses its right to play in semi-finals and final if its team qualifies. Player must have played at least three games previously.

z. Once a player played a game it’ll be assumed he/she agrees with this rules. . Once a player has played at least one game with a team must stay with it until the season ends up, it cannot switch to different team during the current season.

NONE obscene behavior or language will be allowed. Subject to disciplinary actions.
Nobody must hit or damage any Indoor’s property (e.g. doors, glass, etc.). May be punished and ejected from the arena. Nobody must manipulate or operate the score device, only referees and authorized staff.

If the game is under 2 minutes and there is a free kick and the other team does not give the appropriate distance (at refs discretion) or if the individual kicks, throws, or tries to move the ball away from the other team in any way when it’s their ball in intent to delay the game (at refs discretion) the individual will automatically be shown a red card and suspended for the next 2 games. The referee will also have the authority to put the time wasted back on the clock. If the incident occurs in a semi-final or final game, the suspension will be carried over to the following season.


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